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Not everyone has the resources for a full time, dedicated IT support team. Heck, not even everyone has enough work to keep a full time IT Employee busy. Therefor we have got you covered.


Our team of in-house developers have years of experience designing websites, webapps and even full enterprise grade management systems. Got an idea? We have the skills to make your idea a reality.


Do you need hosting space for your website? Perhaps even your own server? We at Ping Solutions were advised to invest our money in stocks, so, naturally we ended up investing all of our money in Servers.


With Ransomware on the rise and data breaches costing companies billions every year, we've created custom security solutions to keep your business safe from the super-evil nasty bad guys.


Long gone are the days of the analogue telephone. Now your business can go where you go, whenever you go and save you money too! We've got you covered as long as you have internet!

Our team of dream stallions dedicated IT.

Jan-Herman van Staden


With over 10 years of IT experience he's the work horse that never quits. He has an obsession with Beach Buggies. Some say 3AM is his favorite hour

Here's just a few things that our clients have to say about us
Ukutula Lodge

Ukutula Lodge

Local Business

"We were very impressed with Ping Solutions's professional and timely response to our queries. They've been an amazing partner. 5 stars to these guys!"

Miracle Waters

Miracle Waters

Local Business

"Your company truly understand our IT needs and sticks to the budget given. We are proud to say that due to you we are in the best position from an IT perspective that we have ever been in."



Local Business

"Ping Solutions has solved all my IT problems that other specialists could not do. They are fast and professional and understands that downtime is costly to any business. I am extremely satisfied and will recommend them any day of the week."


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