VoIP is the Future of business communication


What is VoIP?

Well, Simply put VoIP is calling over the internet. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and boy, is it great and Ping Solutions is great at it!

Why VoIP?

So the average business has a landline number. The problem with landlines are numerous:

  • Telkom is abandoning its copper network (read more)
  • They don’t have a voicemail solution
  • Can’t be easily moved
  • Are limited to one call at a time

VoIP has stepped up to address these concerns. VoIP works on almost every device. If you like an old time handset there’s a solution for you. You can use VoIP on your computer or even your current cellphone!

Ping Solutions VoIP solution has voicemails enabled by default and an email containing your voicemail will be sent to you instantly.

Due to the versatile nature of our VoIP solution you can take your landline with you down to Durban, into the Bush or even to Canada should you wish. All you need is a working internet connection.

Our VoIP also scales with your business. You can have multiple people calling at the same time from and to the same number, no problem!

VoIP costs

VoIP is considerably cheaper than a Telkom line. With rates as low as R0.24 per minute, it makes absolute sense to switch over to VoIP.

What about my existing number?

We have you covered there too! We can port your number over to our network for a small fee. This means we can ensure that your existing customers do not have to worry about phone numbers changing.

Want to get started with Ping Solutions VoIP?

Well look at you, ready to take the plunge. Why don’t you make contact with us and lets see how we can help you help your business. Cost savings are right around the corner!

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